Bharat Gyan Samagam 2024


Bharat Gyan Samagam was a prestigious conclave organized by COER University on February 10th, 2024. This gathering served as a platform for distinguished academicians from across India and beyond to come together and exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices aimed at shaping the future of education in our nation. From exploring innovative teaching methodologies to addressing societal challenges through education, this conclave came out as a melting pot of knowledge, wisdom, and collaboration.

Unprecedented participation of 50+ Vice-chancellors and 500+ Principals from 26 states across India united for this historic event. Honored by presence of esteemed Chief Guests, Lt. Gen. (Retd.)  Gurmit Singh, Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand and Mr. Shiv Khera,  Indian author, activist and motivational speaker.

Highlights Of the Event:

The Kulgeet: The event embarked with a beautiful song of the COER University called the Kulgeet which depicts the heritage, values and ethics of our university presented by Dr. Deepak Ratudi.

The Panel Discussions:  A series of panel discussion were organized which covered a wide range of topics aimed at enriching knowledge and fostering the exchange of divergent views. each panel was designed to address pressing issues, current trends and emerging research topics that are relevant to the current academic pursuits.

 The conference featured a diverse lineup of speakers in the panel discussion who delved into topics like – Innovation and Entrepreneurship in higher education, National education policies and skill development for future careers. It also focuses on how practical knowledge and implementation helps in better Innovations.

Given below are the highlights from each panel-:

Panel Discussions on Innovation and entrepreneurship: The discussion revolved around the agendas of the new education policy, how research should be combined with innovation and entrepreneurship.  It also revolved around the discussion how sometimes great Ideas could bring very powerful impact on the society, discussion also involved the importance of will power, change of the mindset, passion, ability and faith in oneself.

Discussing how the problems could be solved which are faced during the course of action or are untapped area of entrepreneurship and innovation, also talked about the Government Initiatives and scheme, Skill Development programs for students to increase students’ efficiency for Future careers.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions: In addition to the talks, the event featured hands-on workshops where panelist and audience could engage and interact , where the audience are free to ask the Questions and could even give their point of views related to the topic which is about the education system  crafts , indigenous technological practices, new incentives and technology for  the  students, things which is to be considered for the development of students, how to bring the necessary changes and it turned out to be a great session.

Motivational Session by Mr. Shiv Khera: Great people are surrounded by a great aura and positivity which they spread where ever they go.  The motivational session by Shiv Khera sir was a remarkable and empowering experience. Shiv Khera ji shared a series of his personal life experiences. He talked about the importance of a positive mindset and a strong character in all fields and at every stage of life. Listening to his thoughts was an enlightening experience. No doubt he is an amazing speaker but being able to hear him live was just different, it brought waves of motivation and also showed us how important it is to have a never give up attitude. The way he kept the audience engaged with frequent questions as well as adding random jokes kept the environment fun as well and full of wisdom.


The Bharat Gyan Samagam 2024 at COER University was a landmark event that effectively aimed at shaping the future of education in our nation which bridged the gap between traditional wisdom and contemporary educational practices. With the esteemed presence of Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Gurmit Singh, the event underscored the importance of integrating modern technology , practical knowledge, skill development  into the education system. Through a series of enlightening sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, participants gained valuable insights into innovation, entrepreneurship, and skill development. The motivational session by Shiv Khera added an empowering dimension, inspiring students and faculty alike to pursue excellence with a positive mindset and clear goals. The event highlighted the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the role of ancient wisdom in addressing modern challenges.

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