Strengthening of RC Columns using FRP Composites: Enhancing Structural Integrity

Strengthening RC Columns with FRP Composites 

Explore the use of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) in strengthening and rehabilitating reinforced concrete (RC) structures, focusing on the application of FRP jackets for external confinement of RC columns.

Application of FRP Jackets for External Confinement 

Learn about the process of externally wrapping RC columns with glass or carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) jackets to provide effective confinement, preventing sudden and catastrophic failures during seismic events.

Importance of FRP in Enhancing Structural Integrity 

Discover how FRP confinement enhances the resistance capacity of RC columns, allowing for large deformation under load before failure and providing energy dissipation during seismic events, ultimately saving lives.

Advantages of FRP Over Traditional Reinforcement 

Understand the advantages of using FRP over traditional steel reinforcement, including easy handling, minimal time and labor requirements for implementation, and effectiveness in reinforcing various types of structures.

Experimental Research on FRP Confinement Techniques 

Explore the significance of experimental research devoted to investigating FRP confinement techniques, confirming the effectiveness of this innovative retrofitting method in the civil engineering field.

Conclusion  The use of FRP composites in strengthening RC columns offers a durable and cost-effective solution to enhance structural integrity, improve seismic performance, and ensure safer and more resilient built environments, contributing to sustainable infrastructure development

by Mr. Prashant Kumar

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